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Chowalloor Sivakshethram - Poojas
Open on all days, the timings of this temple are 4.30am - 11.30am and from 5pm - 8pm.
4.30 am Temple Open
4.40 am Nirmalya Darshanam
4.50 am Abhishekam
5.00 am Malar Nivedhyam
5.30 am Usha Nivedhyam
5.45 am Ganapathy Homam
6.30 am Nivedhyam for Sree paarvathy, Pooja
6.45 am Nivedhyam for Sree Mahadevan, Ethiretta Pooja
7.30am to 8.00 am Pooja for Upadevas (Maha Ganapathy, Ayyappan, Subhrahmanian
8.15 am Navaka Pooja
8.30 am Dhara for Mahadevan
8.45 am Pandheeradi Pooja
10.00 am Ucha Pooja of Sree Parvathy
10.30 am Navakaabhishekam
11.00 am Ucha Pooja of Sree Mahadvan
11.30 am Temple Closed
Temple will open on Sivarathri, Vishu and Thiruvathira (Dhanu) at 3 O' Clock
Homa's in South Chuttambalam will take place every day at 10 O' clock
5.00 pm Temple Open
Evening Deeparadhana for Mahadevan, Sree Parvathy and Hanuman
7.30 pm Sree Parvathy Devi's Athazha Pooja
7.45 pm Athazha Pooja for Mahadevan
8.00 pm Thrupuka
After Temple Closed

On auspicious / special celebration days like Mahasivarathri, Vishu, Thiruvathira (Dhanu/December or January) the temple opens for Darshan by 3 O’clock in the morning.

On Pradosham days, immediately on opening the temple, special Abhisekam and Pradosha Pooja to Sree Mahadevan will be performed. During the pooja timing, Japam of various sooktha also will be performed.

Every day in the morning by 10 o’clock, Mruthyunjaya Homam and Karukahomam will be conducted at the south chuttambalam (infront of Upadeva temple (Sree Mahaganapathi and Sree Ayyappa). Sudharsana Homam is also conducted at the veiy same place, on special days allotted for the same with intervals. Again Dampathi Pooja (Umamaheswara Pooja) is conducted regularly at about 7 o’clock in the evening at North Vathilmadam (Valiyambalam). The Dampathi Pooja Mandapam is located at your left as you enter the nalambalarn. This is one of the most important offerings in the temple and is conducted to grant marital bliss for numerous anxious brides and happy and long married life for wedded couples.

Several than thrik rituals are being performed in the temple in every month for the enhancement of Devachaithanya and prosperity to all devotees. Pooja by Thanthri, Thiruvathira Varam, Veliyothu, Cherumana japam, Bhasmabhishekam, Bhagavathi seva with Ashttadalapadmam etc. are some of the abcve mentioned rituals.

Thiruvathira in the month of Dhanu which is observed for 12 days (December or January) is the most colourful festival in the temple. During the above twelve days, the presence of temple Thanthri and veda scholars is one of the very special features of the festival. Under their guide lines and their individual participation, the Mangalya Pooja (a very rare pooja conducted for Umamaheswara to grant marital bliss for numerous anxious brides and happy and long married life for wedded couples) is performed at 7 o'clock in the evening at the special madapam in the North Valiyambalam which is very adjacent to the permanent Dhambathi Pooja Mandapam. Mangalya Pooja is conducted only twelve days (as said above) in a year and devotees may book this pooja well in advance to make use of this rare opportunity. Pattum Thaliyum charthal (another special offering to Sree Parvathy during the twelve days celebration) is another rare opportunity to devotees, especially to Ladies or couples. Devotees may book this offering as well in advance (to keep out of the crowd as thousands of devotees will be in the queue to book this offering during the Thiruvathira celebration days).

Pattu & Thaali for Sree Parvathy Devi

Mangalya Pooja for Umamaheswaran

Chowalloor Shiva Temple is about 3 kms away from Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple. This temple though not too large, can definitely lay claim to be the most scenic temple in the vicinity of Guruvayur.

Thiruvathira Maholsavam
2019 December 30th to 2020 January 10th

Dashalaksha Deepotsavam
2019 September 29th to 2020 January 10th

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